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Accurate Needs Assessment

Knowledge gaps are identified with pinpoint accuracy as a result of assessing what learners know now versus what they need to know next.

Needs assessments come in both quantitative and qualitative forms. Striking a good balance between the two forms is an art in itself. We look at the big picture of how the organization is doing today and compare this to how the organization wants to be in the future.

A good needs assessment addresses both the organizational goals and the individual goals, which sets the stage for enhanced learning design.

Enhanced Learning Design

Cutting-edge learning research is integrated in the design to provide a shortcut to grasping new concepts.

Enhanced learning can be achieved by focusing on best principles of adult learning in three areas: 1) individual traits, 2) key experiences, and 3) environmental support. If any one of these three areas is missing in the learning design process, then the learning will not be optimized.

It is important to consider an appropriate balance of all three, which sets the stage for creative development of enhanced learning products.

Creative Development

Creative visual and interactive design is used to develop newly designed learning products in a way that increases fun and motivation.

Our products include eLearning, mLearning apps, instructor led training materials, job aids, performance support assets, simulations, needs assessment reports, presentations, workshops, seminars, and the like.

We take the time to understand your learners and find out what makes them tick. Then our creative juices start pouring in!

Amazing Products

We work with exceptional, creative talent to develop products that initiate, enhance, and accelerate the learning process. Effective learning design results in effective learning products.

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Needs Assessment Reports




Performance Support Assets


Instructor Led Training


Concept Maps

  • articulate

    Articulate Storyline
    eLearning Authoring Tool

    We use Articulate Storyline as one tool to develop interactive eLearning courses. Slide layers, triggers, and states are used to build enhanced learning techniques.

  • Captivate

    Adobe Captivate
    eLearning Authoring Tool

    We use Adobe Captivate to help build device-responsive, educational videos and software simulations. Perfect for enhancing the learning experience.


Passionate about "cut-to-the-chase" learning

Learning Connects was created to design and develop learning products that use advanced learning design techniques. We help learners quickly grasp new concepts as they solve genuine workplace challenges.

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Our Clients

Learning Connects had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients, and clients-of-clients, who work in private sector, non-profit, government, and higher education institutions.

Higher Education

Cognitive Science in Learning

Why does cognitive science matter when it comes to how we learn best? It’s because most eLearning and instructor led courses miss the ONE thing that is central to our ability to connect the dots when learning new concepts. What would that be? Find out by subscribing today to get a free report on the brain versus the computer and to get updates from Learning Connects.

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